Conditional Formatting for Table (SAP Analytics Cloud)

Conditional Formatting for Table (SAP Analytics Cloud)

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Conditional Formatting is an important feature which helps business users  analyse critical changes in their data at a glance with the help of visual cues. With Conditional Formatting feature in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can use thresholds to provide visual cues for your information, so that you can quickly analyse the areas that are doing well, and the areas that would need improvement.

With Conditional Formatting in SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • You can use multiple ranges, and change the label names and colors.
  • When you enter the value for your range, the value appears on the line at the bottom of the panel. The value includes a letter to designate whether it is thousands, millions, and so on.
  • You do not need to set both an upper and a lower bound if you have only one range. When you add more ranges, you can leave either the upper or lower bound empty.


Navigate to SAP Analytics cloud in your browser and click on create story.

1. Click on “Add a Canvas Page”.

2. Add a data source (Model) and click ok.

3. Add a Table and select required Dimensions and Measures

4. To create a threshold, click “More” and select “Conditional Formatting”.

5. Choose a measure.

6. Choose a comparative measure listed in the drop down.

7. Under Ranges, set a lower bound and an upper bound for respective range.

As you type your values for the upper and lower bounds, you will see a warning message if the value does not fall within the range. For example, A lower bound cannot be larger than the upper bound.

8. To add another range, select Add Range.

If required filter the data using add filter option.

9. When you have finished adding thresholds, click Apply and select DONE.

10. To add another threshold, select Add Threshold.

11. By clicking on Done the formatting will not apply to the table there is an extra step to be taken to apply the formatting.

Goto designer –> Builder –> Columns –> Account –> more options (…) –> Thresholds –> Show Thresholds

In this example, the Conditions are applied to the table as icons. There are also other options to display the conditions like color on the measure, color on the background etc. which can be selected from the properties.