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Linked Analysis (SAP Analytics Cloud)

Linked analysis is an useful feature that allows you to dynamically interact with data. When you filter or drill down data in one chart within your story, you can trigger actions in the other related charts or tables. In this blog, I have explained the step by step procedure as […]

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Conditional Formatting for Table (SAP Analytics Cloud)

Conditional Formatting is an important feature which helps business users  analyse critical changes in their data at a glance with the help of visual cues. With Conditional Formatting feature in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can use thresholds to provide visual cues for your information, so that you can quickly analyse the […]

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Introducing Application Design with SAP Analytics Cloud

With SAP focusing on moving towards cloud-based analytics, SAP Analytics cloud is becoming one of the hottest tools in the SAP BI space. Given that SAC is more of a self-service solution on the cloud, there was a constant business need for a professionally authored dashboarding tool on the cloud. […]

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Integrating SAP Analytics Cloud and Google BigQuery

Google is disrupting the cloud space with its tightly integrated service model. Because data sharing in Google’s cloud platform is so advanced, it can push big data boundaries that would prove much more complicated otherwise. In this blog we will be discussing about integrating BigQuery with SAP Analytics Cloud. Our […]

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Smart Discovery – SAP Analytics Cloud

A Smart Discovery is the result generated by running a machine learning algorithm to uncover new or unknown relationships between columns within a dataset.

In SAP Analytics Cloud, you can choose to run a discovery against a measure or dimension within a model to determine the influencers on the focus of the […]

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Column/row limitation in Table component – SAP Analytics Cloud

Often when we want to analyze large amounts of data, we use the table component for the analysis. However, the table component in #SAPAnalyticsCloud has a limitation of 500 rows. When we load a data source which is more than 500 rows, it throws an error message. In this blog, […]

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SAP Analytics Cloud – Lifecycle Management Process

Customers may want to have one tenant systems per data source environment, i.e. to have a development, test, and production tenants of SAP Analytics Cloud connected to development, test, and production BW/HANA/BPC systems. This blog presents key highlights to setup a two-system landscape (Test and Production Systems) for SAP Analytics […]

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Creating Planning Models in SAP Analytics Cloud using Excel

One of the best features of SAC is that it provides BI capabilities, Predictive analysis and Planning capabilities in one single integrated platform – basically the best of all (possible) worlds. Planning is one of the most important features in SAP Analytics Cloud. Planning models typically allows you to do […]

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Getting started with Value Driver Tree (VDT)

Budgeting and Forecasting is an integral part of any business. Often while forecasting values, we would have several questions like – what will happen to my sales if I add a 30% discount during this time of the year or what if the growth rate increases by x% instead y% […]

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